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We appreciate you may have some questions before joining Langley School of Dance, I have outlined some answers to common questions below.


What happens on the first visit?

Upon arrival one of the teachers will sign in your son/daughter, you will then be given a registration form to complete. Parents usually wait in the foyer area whilst classes are taking place as it can cause a distraction and hamper the child’s progression, however for your child’s first session you are welcome to watch if you feel it will settle them better.


What should my child wear?

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our pupils are correctly dressed for each class. For the free taster class your child may wear comfortable clothing, and bare feet. Once you have signed up for the term uniform can be purchased from the dance school upon request. We have a new and second hand uniform shop which is held at St Mary’s Church Hall on the first week back after each half term. Hair must be tied back for all dance classes.


Which grade/class will be appropriate for my child?

Please inform us of your child’s age and whether they have danced previously. I will then advise which class time would best suit your child. After the free taster class I will then be able to inform you whether the class was correct or if we need to try different one.


Will my child have to participate in examinations and shows?

Every 2 years we hold a variety dance show at Langley Park School for Boys, all students are offered the chance to participate in the dance show, although it is not compulsory. It’s a fantastic day and the children have a lot of fun both practicing and performing on the day. We use this opportunity to raise money for Delmeza House.


We enter our children for the ISTD in Ballet, Tap and Modern dance from age 5+ once we feel the child is fully prepared for the examination. Again examinations are not compulsory and there will be additional costs with both.


Please do call or email us if you have any questions or would like some more information.

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